Roger Woods

Roger Woods (born 26th October 1957) a British painter of pin-ups, nudes and erotic art.


Not much is known about his early life apart from him hating school.At 35 years of age life took a complete U-turn when he had an accident which left him disabled. It was during a convalescing period after quite a traumatic back operation where his interest in art and painting started. He started sketching but the results as he admits himself were not good. On his return home he decided to pursue painting by enrolling on an adult education watercolour course. He spent a couple of years working on landscape painting and then moved onto drawing. From there he went on to an arts foundation course at the local college, but soon became disillusioned. The ‘modern’ practice of portraiture did not appeal to him.He experimented with different mediums throughout his ‘education period’ but came to the conclusion that the formal art course could not help in my quest for a more traditional approach to painting and realised that he didn’t want to paint watercolour landscapes either.He then enrolled on a course which was run by artists who taught at the local adult education centre, this course gave him the enthusiasm to try to paint people either in portrait or life. Part of the course was to complete an in depth study of an artist, to include their life and their painting techniques. He chose Jack Vettriano and it was through reading about him and his life that he was given the incentive to keep painting in oils trying and retrying different styles colours and methods.His inspiration comes from varying sources he is a great admirer of past masters, Poussin, Titian and particularly Caravaggio and also the more modern masters Edward Hopper, Jack Vettriano and pin upartists like Gil Elvgren, with their teasing poses and cheeky innocence. Other inspiration came from nose decorations of American World War two aircraft and naughty seaside postcards, paintings, books, magazines and of course the internet.Although his first love is oil paints, he has also done expressive works with charcoal, pencils. His paintings are mostly in oils and are figurative he is inspired by the female sexuality and how its appeal to others always trying to suggest an air of eroticism, the risqué and even anticipation of things to come, leaving the promise to the viewers imagination and not just about overt sexuality. Surprisingly over 70% of those who appreciate his work are women many of whom have encouraged him to try more erotic and fetish piecesRoger is also a member of the Guild of Erotic ArtistsRoger has donated the painting, “A Touching moment”, to a charity auction in September 2009 Fetish Visions to raise funds for the MacmillanYou may notice the same model (Sarah) appears in many of his pieces from the last four years in both classes and on private sittings. He uses a digital camera as photographic reference for many of my paintings, he calls it his modern day sketch book. Over the last couple of years he has joined several of the social networking sites like myspace Twitter where he has met other artists and models from around the world. Resulting in him painting models from many European countries and as far away as Australia and America. Never complaining when models send him photographs of themselves. He has also been mentioned several times on Ken Bruce’s BBC Radio 2 show. Ken Bruce usually berates people in such occupations ‘painting scantily clad women call that a job!’Roger was a member of the Artists network (Bedfordshire) between 2005 and 2008 Artist Network BedfordshirePrints of his work are sold all over the world through Obsessionart And more recently form Red BubbleA few of his recent Exhibitions: Red Dot gallery Luton, Bedford Museum, the hat factory Arts Centre, Nolias Gallery London, Fetish Visions

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