Frank Brunner

Frank Brunner

Brunner at the Vanguard booth New York Comic Convention in February 2008. Born February 21, 1949 (1949-02-21) (age 61) Nationality American Area(s) Artist Notable works Web of Horror
Dr. Strange
Howard The Duck
Vampirella Official website

Frank Brunner (born February 21, 1949)[1] is an American comic book artist and illustrator best known for his work at Marvel Comics in the 1970s.


Brunner broke into comics as a horror writer-artist for the black-and-white comics magazines Web of Horror, Creepy, Eerie and Vampirella. His best-known color-comics work is his Marvel Comics collaboration with writer Steve Engelhart on the supernatural hero Doctor Strange in Marvel Premiere from 1972 to 1973, and in Doctor Strange vol. 2, in 1974. Other Marvel credits include the anthologies Chamber of Chills, Haunt of Horror, and Unknown Worlds of Science Fiction; the supernatural series The Tomb of Dracula; the swamp-monster series Man-Thing; and the science fiction series Silver Surfer.Also for Marvel, Brunner adapted Robert E. Howard‘s sword-and-sorcery pulp fiction hero Conan the Barbarian in the 42-page story “The Scarlet Citadel”, and drew many covers for the similar series Red Sonja and Savage Sword of Conan.Brunner and novelist Michael Moorcock collaborated on a comics adaptation of Moorcock’s sword-and-sorcery hero Elric in Heavy Metal magazine. It was reprinted in publisher Mike Friedrich‘s Star Reach Greatest Hits.Brunner briefly returned to comics in the early-1980s as artist on the First Comics title Warp, based on the science-fiction play that ran briefly on Broadway in the 1970s. He then wrote and drew the graphic novel The Seven Samuroid (1984), a science-fiction takeoff of the movie classic Seven Samurai.

Brunner moved to Hollywood and began a career in movie and television animation, working on projects for Hanna-Barbera (Jonny Quest), Walt Disney Imagineering (Euro Tomorrowland movie), Warner Bros. (preproduction Batman design) and DreamWorks (Invasion USA). He was the head of character design for the Fox animated series X-Men.

  • The Brunner Mystique (Artist Index Series Volume One) (Hendrik Sharples and Steven R. Johnson, March 1976)
  • Brunner’s Beauties (Eros Comix, August 1993)
  • Eyes Of Light: the Fantasy Art of Frank Brunner (Vanguard Productions, 2002)
  • Mythos: The Fantasy Realms of Frank Brunner (Vanguard Productions, 2007)

Interior art (except where noted) includes:

  • Doctor Strange #1-5 (also covers) (1974)
  • Howard the Duck #1-2 (also covers) (1976)
  • Marvel Premiere (Doctor Strange feature) #6, 9-14 (1973-74)
  • Savage Sword of Conan #31-32 (1978)
  • Star Reach #3 (also painted cover); #10, 12 (covers only) (1974-77)

  • Creepy #39, 45 (1971-72)
  • Eerie #35 (1971)
  • Vampirella #10 (1971)

  • Adventures of Chrissie Claus #31 (cover)
  • Alien Worlds #6 (cover and interior art, 1984) (Pacific)
  • Brunner’s Carnal Delights #1 (cover) (Carnal)
  • Castle of Frankenstein (Kable News)
  • Crawdaddy!
  • Flare #29 (cover) (Hero)
  • Flare Adventures #13, 15-19 (covers) (Hero)
  • Monster Times
  • Quack #1 (cover and interior art) (Star Reach)
  • Red Sonja #2 (cover) (Dynamite Entertainment)
  • Unknown Worlds of Frank Brunner (cover) (Eclipse)
  • Silver Comics #1, 4, 6 (covers) (Silver)
  • War of The Worlds (covers) (Best Sellers Illustrated)
  • Witchgirls Inc. #1-3, 5 (covers)
  • Wild Stars #1-6 (covers) (Little Rocket)

  • Flesh & Fantasy Bran Mak Morn
  • Elric
  • Alice in Wonderland
  • Through the Looking-Glass (Alice II)
  • Stormbringer (Elric II)
  • Flesh & Fantasy II
  • Legends of Arzack

  • Jurassic Park
  • Star Wars Galaxy
  • Vampirella
  • Mars Attacks
  • Satan’s Six

  • Cellar Dweller
  • From Time To Time (Disney)
  • Doctor Strange (ABC TV)
  • Dinosaur Valley Girls

  • Jonny Quest (season two, 1990s)
  • Sky Commanders
  • Dark Water
  • Dino-Riders
  • Once Upon a Forest (feature)
  • X-Men (1992–95)
  • Darkstalkers
  • Skeleton Warriors
  • Extreme Ghostbusters

  • Faithful Breath
  • Mandator
  • Necronomicon (German heavy metal bands)
  • Veto (German punk rock band)

  • The Faerie Princess (Dreamweaver Studios)
  • Four Queens Of The Tarot (Color)
  • Dreamtide (Dreamweaver)
  • Go Ask Alice (Dreamweaver)
  • Raiders Of The Lost Egg (Vanguard)

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