Robert Blue

This article is about the artist. For the politician, see Robert Donald Blue.Robert D.[1] Blue (1946[2]– January 22, 1998[3]) was a painter noted for his images of pin-up girls in the 1980s and later his cowgirls of the New West series. He was the son of comedic actor Ben Blue[4]. His work precedes that of Patrick Nagel, who had a similarly stark style. Collectors of Blue’s art have included Jack Nicholson, Barbra Streisand and Hugh Hefner, as well as numerous corporate collectors, including the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Los Angeles, and the Atlanta Hilton Motel.

Blue was born in Los Angeles[3] in 1946, and grew up in Beverly Hills. He served in the United States Army and attended the California College of Arts and Crafts, Oakland, earning a BFA at the Chouinard Art Institute in Los Angeles. Blue served as chairman of fine art at Assn. in Art, Van Nuys.In 1979, Blue joined Brian Davis to form the Davis-Blue Artwork publishing company. This company published a number of dramatic posters, including some by illustrator Major Felten.Blue succumbed to brain cancer[1] in Santa Monica in 1998, and the Robert Blue Foundation to aid brain cancer victims was instituted in his memory. He was survived by his wife, Linda, and his brother, Tom.Blue’s art was featured in the 1974 film The Second Coming of Suzanne, and also 1984’s Heartbreakers, which was loosely based on Blue himself.[4] His work also appeared in the 1982 Richard Elfman film Forbidden Zone.[5]

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