Irvin Bomb

Irvin Bomb (Birth name Irwin Baum, Born 1967 in New York City, New York) is an American painter, illustrator, and adult filmmaker.


In Irvin Bomb’s early years he loved to draw dinosaurs and cartoons. While in his early 20s Irvin’s art shifted towards the rural and urban landscape.[1] Irvin Bomb was commissioned back in 1991 to paint a portrait of President Teddy Roosevelt which is on permanent public display in the United States Navy Memorial, located in Washington, DC.[2] He later worked as an in-house illustrator at Marvel Entertainment [3] and a freelance illustrator at Valiant Comics.[4]

In 1990 Irvin Bomb received his BFA from George Washington University.[5]

Irvin Bomb is the webmaster and creator of the erotic art adult website, a site which combines fine art painting and drawing with video’s of art modeling and behind the scene’s photo sets which illustrate the painting process. In addition artist tutorials are offered with respect to drawing and painting. The focus of Irvin Bomb for the past 10 years has been painting the female form and he has documented many of his painting sessions on film. Larry Flynt released Bomb’s first two DVDs; Nasty Art under the LFP imprint.[6] Bomb’s DVD series, Naughty Art focuses heavily on the painting process.[7] His paintings and drawings have been published in BlackBook Magazine, Penthouse Magazine, High Society, and others.[8][6]Bomb’s shows have aired on Pay-Per-View TV throughout North America.[8][9] Irvin Bomb was a featured guest on the Comedy Central show Insomniac with Dave Attell.[10] He has an art book published of his paintings titled The Art of Irvin Bomb.[9]He currently works out of his studio in New York City.

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