Margaret Nolan

Vicky Kennedy redirects here. For the spouse of American politician Edward M. Kennedy see Victoria Reggie Kennedy

Margaret Nolan/Vicky Kennedy Born Margaret Nolan
29 October 1943 (1943-10-29) (age 66)
London, England, UK

Margaret Nolan, also known as Vicky Kennedy, (born 29 October 1943) is a British artist and a former actress and glamour model.


Born in Hampstead, London to Irish parents, Margaret Nolan adopted the name Vicky Kennedy while working in the ‘glamour’ scene during the early 1960s. Her best glamour photo modelling work was with Harrison Marks in Kamera and other magazines.She later reverted to her birth name of Margaret Nolan and appeared in a number of television and film roles, including A Hard Day’s Night with The Beatles and the James Bond film Goldfinger in the small role of Dink, Bond’s masseuse, and several 1970s Carry On films, most sizably Carry on Girls. She also appeared in straight theatre, becoming interested in political themes, and acted in one of the first episodes of police drama The Sweeney.In Goldfinger, it was actually her body painted with gold in the titles and advertisements, not Shirley Eaton‘s as in the narrative of the film. She also appeared in Playboy magazine following her appearance in Goldfinger in 1965. The internet sneeze.gif, where a woman in a one-piece swim suit sneezes and busts open two buttons on her outfit (revealing most of her breasts) is Nolan in Carry On Girls.In a rare interview with Den of Geek,[1] Nolan talked about moving away from England to Spain and becoming an artist. She currently lives there with her husband and two sons. Nolan’s artwork, which mostly consists of photomontages constructed from her old headshots, can be viewed at her official website.

  • The Saint – “Iris” (1963)
  • Crossroads (1964)
  • ITV Play of the Week – “Deep and Crisp and Stolen” (1964)
  • 199 Park Lane (1965)
  • After Many a Summer (1965)
  • Danger Man – “Parallel Lines Sometimes Meet” (1965)
  • Bed Sit Girl (1966)
  • Thirty Minute Theatre – “The Enchanted Night” (1966)
  • World of Wooster (1966)
  • Adam Adamant Lives! – “More Deadly than the Sword” (1966)
  • Buddenbrooks (1966)
  • Hugh and I – “Goodbye Dolly” (1966)
  • Theatre 625 – “A Man Like That” (1966)
  • The Newcomers (1966)
  • Take a Pair of Private Eyes (3 episodes) (1966)
  • Armchair Theatre – “Compensation Alice” (1967)
  • The Des O’Connor Show (1967)
  • The Wednesday Play – “Death of a Private” (1967)
  • The Morecambe and Wise Show (ATV) (1967)
  • Nearest and Dearest – “Take a Letter” (1968)
  • The World of Beachcomber (2 episodes) (1969)
  • The Adventures of Don Quick – “The Benefits of Earth” (1970)
  • Budgie – “Everybody loves a Baby” (1971)
    “Brief Encounter” (1972)
    “Run Rabbit, Run Rabbitt, Run, Run, Run” (1972)
  • Steptoe and Son – “A Star is Born” (1972)
  • The Persuaders! – “Element of Risk” (1972)
  • New Scotland Yard (1 episode) (1972)
  • Whatever Happened to the Likely Lads? – “I’ll Never Forget Whatshername” (1973)
  • Last of the Summer Wine – “Pate and Chips” (1973)
  • Black and Blue – “The Middle-of-the-Road Roadshow for all the Family” (1973)
  • Crown Court – “A Crime of Passion” (1973)
  • The Sweeney – “Thin Ice” (1975)
  • I Didn’t Know You Cared – “The Way My Wife Looks at Me..” (1976)
  • Fox (3 episodes) (1980)
  • Brideshead Revisited (1981) … as Effie
  • Crown Court– “Sword in the Hand of David” (1983)

  • One Track Mind (1962, Harrison Marks 8mm glamour short as Margaret Nolan)
  • “Sexational” (196?, Russell Gay 8mm glamour short as Margaret Nolan)
  • It’s a Bare, Bare World! (1963)
  • Vertigo (196?, Russell Gay 8mm glamour short)
  • Tensions (196?, Russell Gay 8mm glamour short)
  • Winsome Miss (Herald Films 8mm glamour short)
  • Presenting the Fabulous Vicky Kennedy (196?, Star Films, 8mm glamour short)
  • Nude in the Sun (1964, Harrison Marks 8mm glamour short)
  • The Four Poster (1964, Harrison Marks 8mm glamour short
  • A Hard Day’s Night (1964) in a cameo
  • Saturday Night Out (1964)
  • Carry on Cowboy (1965) as Miss Jones the Presidents secretary
  • Carry on Henry (1971) as Buxom Lass
  • Carry On at Your Convenience (1971) as Popsy
  • Carry on Matron (1972) as Mrs. Tucker
  • Carry on Girls (1973) as Dawn Brakes
  • No Sex Please, We’re British (1973) as Barbara
  • Carry on Dick (1974) as Lady Daley

  • The Carry On Companion Robert Ross (Batsford 1996)
  • Keeping the British End Up: Four Decades of Saucy Cinema (3rd edition) Simon Sheridan (Reynolds & Hearn 2007)

  • ^ “rare interview”. 2007-12.
  • This section’s citation style may be unclear. The references used may be made clearer with a different or consistent style of citation, footnoting, or external linking. (September 2009)


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