June Palmer

June Palmer, also known as June Power, (1 August 1940 in London, England – 6 January 2004) was possibly the most famous Harrison Marks model in the 1960s, featuring in his publications Kamera and Solo. She had measurements of 38-23-37.

June Palmer as Little Bo-Peep, circa 1985

June Palmer began work as a topless dancer at the Windmill Theatre in London, and graduated to minor parts in movies, including The Amorous Adventures of Moll Flanders (1965), Taste the Blood of Dracula (1969) and Games That Lovers Play (1971). Although she stopped modeling for magazine in the late 1960s, she continued to do some private modeling for London’s various camera clubs for a few years after. A large number of her loops were compiled in a single volume, 1967’s The Naked World of Harrison Marks.Photographer Irv Carsten said this about Palmer in the March 1962 issue of Modern Man, “I felt ashamed using an automatic camera. Her posing is second nature, she’s beautiful from any angle, and without camera settings to make, there’s nothing to do but watch.”

When she was 53 year old, June Palmer was married to the then 78 year old photographer/stuntman Arthur Howell for a little less than ten years (1993–2000). They started and ran the Strobe Studio in Clapham, South London. She divorced him in 2000 (he died in August 2003).She married again, but died on January 6, 2004.


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