Jacob Gestman Geradts

Trapeze by Jacob Gestman Geradts (1998) Color pencil on satinised polypropylene, 60 x 90 cm. J.G.G., ToulouseJacob (or Jaap) Gestman Geradts (December 9, 1951, The Hague), Dutch Pin Up Artist painter.

Jacob Gestman Geradts studied electronics at the Delft Technical University where he received his master degree in 1977. He then became a professor on measurement and control systems as wel as navigation and communication equipment from 1977-1987. He published hundreds of articles and several technical books.In the late 1980s, just before moving to the south of France, he began drawing Pin Ups. First influenced by Alphonse Mucha, he soon modified his style in the way of the great Pin Up artists of the 1950s and 1960s, like Alberto Vargas, Aslan and George Petty. Unlike many other artists, Jacob uses color pencil instead of airbrush and instead of canvas or paper he uses sheets of satinised polypropylene.From the early 1990s on Jacob started composing and performing post-pop music, released by the name of Raticide.

  • Kunstkrant Nr 3, June 2005, Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, (ISSN 0927-4014).

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