Barbara Kent

Barbara Kent

Barbara Kent in the 1933 film Oliver Twist Born Barbara Cloutman
December 16, 1906 (1906-12-16) (age 103)
Gadsby, Alberta, Canada Occupation Actress,Silent Film Star. Years active 1925 – 1935 Spouse Harry E. Edington (1932-1949)

Barbara Kent (born December 16, 1906) is a Canadian actress who was popular in silent movies. She is one of the last surviving adult-aged players from Hollywood’s silent film period.Born as Barbara Cloutman[1] in Gadsby, Alberta, she won the Miss Hollywood Pageant in 1925. She began her Hollywood career in 1925 in a small role for Universal Studios. A brunette who stood less than five feet tall, Kent became popular as a comedienne opposite such stars as Reginald Denny, and also made a strong impression as the heroine, pitted against Greta Garbo‘s femme fatale in Flesh and the Devil (1926).She attracted attention in the 1927 film No Man’s Law by swimming nude; she wore a flesh colored bathing suit in scenes that were considered very daring at the time. The popularity of this film led to her selection as one of the WAMPAS Baby Stars for 1927. She made a smooth transition into talking pictures, opposite Harold Lloyd in the comedy Welcome Danger (1929). Over the next few years she remained popular and received critical praise for her role in the 1933 film version of Oliver Twist.Her marriage in 1934 to the agent, Harry E. Edington, interrupted her career. During a one year hiatus, Edington groomed Kent for what he intended to be a high profile career, however by the time she returned to films, her popularity had waned and she was unable to establish herself again. She made her final film in 1935.On November 8th 1934 Barbara sailed from Southampton to New York onboard the luxury liner SS Washington. Barbara sailed again on October 7th 1936 from Southampton to New York this time onboard the French liner ‘SS Normandie‘.Following the death of her husband in 1949, Kent retreated from public life and eventually settled in Sun Valley, Idaho. She has since refused to acknowledge her film career or grant interviews.[2]

  • Flesh and the Devil (1926)
  • Prowlers of the Night (1926)
  • The Lone Eagle (1927)
  • No Man’s Law (1927)
  • The Small Bachelor (1927)
  • The Drop Kick (1927)
  • Modern Mothers (1928)
  • Stop That Man (1928)
  • That’s My Daddy (1928)
  • Lonesome (1928)
  • Welcome Danger (1929)
  • The Shakedown (1929)
  • Night Ride (1930)
  • Dumbbells in Ermine (1930)
  • Feet First (1930)
  • What Men Want (1930)
  • Freighters of Destiny (1931)
  • Chinatown After Dark (1931)
  • Grief Street (1931)
  • Indiscreet (1931)
  • Self Defense (1932)
  • Pride of the Legion (1932)
  • No Living Witness (1932)
  • Beauty Parlor (1932)
  • Vanity Fair (1932)
  • Marriage on Approval (1933)
  • Her Forgotten Past (1933)
  • Oliver Twist (1933)
  • Reckless Decision (1933)
  • Swellhead (1935)
  • Guard That Girl (1935)

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